U Make We Bake, LLC. Announces the Opening of U Make We Bake Restaurant in Seef Shopping Mall Bahrain – Middle East
(Duluth, Georgia) September 19, 2012 – U Make We Bake, LLC the founder of the first concept of fun and learning restaurant, today announced the opening of U Make We Bake Restaurant in Bahrain.


Most of us are either pasta or pizza fanatics and I’m sure that most of us have made or even tried to make a pizza at home with few ingredients, but the question is … have you ever made it in a restaurant with many varieties of ingredients to choose from? Or have ever tried to make your own special someone an out of the ordinary Valentine or Birthday pizza? If not, well, now you can!!

U Make WE Bake is the only restaurant in the world that have created a new concept of for their diners to have a Hands on experience of making and enjoying their own favorite Italian meal. The uniqueness of the concept is tailored to each customer’s particular tastes and preference. This restaurant truly does live by their motto giving both adults and children an exciting meal through FUN & LEARNING.

At first, the diner could choose his/her dough with the size that appeals to their stomach and to those weight watchers, don’t worry about a thing, brown dough awaits you, where you then move yourself to our DELICIOUS sauces with over 20 fresh and authentic ingredients to choose from to top the dough with.

Next in line, PASTA and SUBS, where each one of this could be made to your own masterpiece topped with any amount of ingredients to sooth your taste buds. Where, the last stop will be for all you healthy eaters out there, the Salad bar, filled with delightful greens and colorful assortments with your favorite dressing. HMMMM! Sounds awesome.

Your choice of food will be weighed in for your price. Don’t worry, it may sound costly, but we assure you our rates are convenient and suitable for all you Food lovers out there. The best part is yet to come, it will only take you only 2 minutes for your pizza to be baked in our NEW and Exclusive oven technology from Napoli.

You can also make your way to the Juice, Beer and Wine bar, where you will be entertained by the amount of beautiful, colorful and weird neon shaped bottles and glasses and some as large as 2800ml,and some as small as 600ml.

Whether its Pizza, Pasta, Subs or Salad, U Make We Bake will promise you an exciting dining experience for you, your friends & family. A tavola non si invecchia … Buon appetito


U Make We Bake is a new ground-breaking idea in the field of restaurants and dinning. This American-Italian franchise has been incorporated in Delaware, USA, where our restaurant has created a combination of a lively atmosphere and authentic Italian menu for all to enjoy. The recipe and originality has been combined between Neapolitan cuisine mixed with American creativity, thus, giving us a unique experience that satisfies our senses and tastes.

Pizza, Pasta, Subs, Salad, Bar, Beer, Wine and Juices, should we say more or is this more than enough? The creators of U MAKE WE BAKE has given the customer the privilege to order in many ways, where at the restaurant, diners could create their own food with their own choices of ingredients and as much as they want , giving them a fun and learning experience, if that’s not enough you can engage yourself with a regular dining acquaintance in a relaxed setting and flexible menu, or you can sit at the comfort of your home, work space or even at the beach , using your Cell Phone, and order your food in very entertaining online experience.

U Make We Bake will allow customers to enjoy the Italian traditions of Friendship, Food and Hospitality. GUSTARE IL CIBO E HANNO UNA BUONA GIORNATA!!

U Make We Bake is now available for franchising, please visit for a full information and details or send us an email on

Contact Us at:

U Make We Bake, LLC
11555 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 100
Duluth, GA 30097, USA
Tel: +1 770 831 1138

Copyright (C) 2012 U Make We Bake, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Our special open flame oven from Italy that will bake your pizza hot and fresh in two minutes tops!
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