Franchise FAQs

Does UMWB Franchise?
Yes we do, in the United States and Internationally. You will need to have knowledge of restaurant business or how to manage a business. For further details, please contact our franchise team at

What support will UMWB provide to the Franchisees?
Once franchised, UMWB will support the potential owners in providing a detailed theme and remodeling designs, stations and kitchen layouts, along with all the necessary support until the grand opening. Don’t forget about site selection as it is very important for the franchise to be in a prime location. We will provide list of equipments, list of approved supplies, employee qualifications. marketing & advertising. We provide necessary support to operate your restaurant
along with ongoing support and training during and after the grand opening.

What tools will be provided by UMWB Franchise?
As a potential owner to UMWB, you will receive all tools necessary to operate your restaurant wherever you are. UMWB will provide: Full Theme Design, Know How, Recipes, Furniture, Pizza Oven, Dough Mixer, Dishes, utensil, POS, Uniforms and a list of our approved ingredient suppliers.

Can a potential Franchisee changes the menu?
Yes, we will allow minor changes on the menu depending on the country and territory, UMWB management must approve any additional food or changes you feel necessary to suit your customers taste.

Can a potential Franchisee purchase multiple licenses for one territory?
We at U Make We Bake support equal opportunity to all potential franchisees. However, further financial documentation will be required to ensure you are qualified to operate multiple locations.

Can the potential Franchisee own other Franchises?
Yes of course you can. Further documentation and qualification are required.

How is the potential Franchisee owner approved?
Please visit our Franchise page under the process for further information.

What capital investment is required to be a UMWB Franchisee?
Your investment in UMWB depends on the concept your choice. The investment will vary based on the cost of site, area, city, state, country and other related costs. For further details, please contact us at

What fees are payable to U MAKE WE BAKE?
These fees vary according to the franchise concept of your choice. This information is given to the potential franchisees while meeting at our office to discuss the FDD and the Franchise Agreement. For further details, please contact us at

What is the duration of the Franchise agreement?
The UMMWB franchise duration is 10 years for the full service concept, with renewable option.

Who will build the potential Franchisee restaurant?
UMWB will provide the full concept design, theme and specification. The potential franchisee will be responsible for the development of the restaurant. U Make We Bake will guide you step by step through this process.

Will training be provided to the restaurant staff?
Yes. U Make We Bake will provide training at one of the existing restaurants; also, there will be extensive onsite training at your restaurant for the entire staff.

How long will it take to open a U Make We Bake restaurant?
Generally this process takes between 4 - 6 months.

Is recruitment from U MAKE WE BAKE a compulsory?
No, this is not a compulsory. We will provide a training program to ensure the staff are fully trained and qualified to operate the restaurant.

Does U MAKE WE BAKE partner with the Franchisee?
At U MAKE WE BAKE, you are in the business for yourself but NEVER BY yourself. Our philosophy is that the potential franchisee is the main owner of the business. We will support you from day one, including ongoing support and training as long as you carry our trademark.


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