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U MAKE WE BAKE is a brand new, ground breaking concept in the American evolution of restaurants and dining experiences. This American-Italian franchise was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, where our International chain of restaurant’s will bring a combination of a lively atmosphere, American hospitality with authentic Italian cuisine thus giving you a unique experience to satisfy everyone!

Our story begins with unhappy customers after they have gone to a restaurant, ordered their food with specific ingredients and waited sometimes lengthy amounts of times to receive it. Then the food arrives but it is incorrect and not at all what was ordered.  At this point the customer either chooses to unhappily eat the food or waits again for the order to be replaced. In both cases, the customer has wasted time and leaves unhappy. This has happened to all of us at some point. The Founders of U Make We Bake have experienced this problem themselves and thought of creating a concept to eliminate the middle man, allow our customer the opportunity to prepare their own food and enjoy their own dining experience.

The Founders of U Make We Bake gathered in Atlanta and formed our concept with our consumer’s most important needs in mind. We know that your time is valuable. As with most families, times for outings are limited. It was important to us to form a concept that allowed you a different sort of place to bring your family, friends or business associates that are both fun and entertaining. So, we gathered with our Investors and several of the top Italian Chefs to prepare a menu of all original Italian recipes. Special ovens were brought over from Italy that bake your pizza in two minutes tops over an open wood burning gas oven._  This concept would allow our customers the privilege to create their own entrée with as many ingredients as they choose on a budget anyone can afford.

Bring the family, a friend or client to any of our locations, enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed  atmosphere; or sit in the comfort of your own home; or at work and order your food from our website. We will bring it right to your door!

U MAKE WE BAKE wants all our customers to enjoy our beautiful Italian food with the American tradition of Great Friendship and a touch of Southern Hospitality. GUSTARE IL CIBO E HANNO UNA BUONA GIORNATA!!


Heart Shaped Pizza
You can bring your sweet heart and make her a surprise with a heart pizza.

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Mouse Shaped Pizza
Kids will love making the mouse pizza.

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Our special open flame oven from Italy that will bake your pizza hot and fresh in two minutes tops!
T-Rex Shaped Pizza
Eating a dinosaur,,, what do you think?
Teddy Shaped Pizza
Teddy pizza is very popular within the girls,,,, they love it,,
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