• A restaurant not to forget, Once you enter you would want to come back
  • Promise to quench your thirst with all the cocktails and flavours that suits you
  • Relaxing atmosphere with lounges for your business meetings and comfy gatherings
  • Modern Design and Architecture giving you a dazzling stay
  • Walk into a warm ambience and a fantastic vibe

U MAKE WE BAKE welcomes you to a unique and exciting new concept of original Italian Cuisine with American love. All of our food is fresh to order and baked to perfection. Enjoy one of our beautiful entrees for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These classic Italian recipes were crafted by the top Italian Chefs especially for our new world setting. Our pizzas are baked to perfection in a wood burning gas oven brought over from Italy and ready in two minutes! All of our pizza, pasta, salad and sub stations are filled with the finest seasonal variety of vegetables, seafood and meats available. At these stations you not only make it yourself but they are priced by weight so you are in control of your own budget as well. Also available from our open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared are appetizer, soups, salads, burgers, roasted chicken, desserts and many other mouthwatering selections.

We aim to satisfy our customers! We at U Make We Bake want your experience to be pleasant and incomparable to any other. Not only do we serve food to appease your food craving but our fully stocked bar has an assortment of beer, mixed drinks, fresh juices, international tea and coffee where you can enjoy any of your favorite sporting events on larger screen, HD TV’s in a classy setting with your friends, colleagues or family.

Again, we aim to please with our Hookah Bar for further entertainment. We have a huge selection of the best Shisha money can buy in beautifully decorated lounge. Our lounge is fully ventilated. And we cater to private reservations for large parties of 4 or more. Or we can arrange a table for two for a more intimate setting for a night out with your Sweetheart.

We at U Make We Bake guaranteed to entertain your appetite. We promise to satisfy your hunger with a taste of your own Italy!


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Our family friendly environment will be multi entertaining with large screen HD TV’s throughout.

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Our special open flame oven from Italy that will bake your pizza hot and fresh in two minutes tops!

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Each one of our pizza, pasta, sub and salad stations are uniquely stocked with an array of fresh condiments to suit any craving.

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The comfy lounge area will be fully ventilated and available for entertaining any sort of business venture or personal outing.

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Enjoy from our wide variety of Shisha. Our most popular flavors spiced chai, berry blue, strawberry, double apple, melon, island papaya, gummi bear, sex on the beach, lemon or chocolate mint.

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The dough is hand tossed and ready to load up with your choice of crisp vegetables, aged cheeses, traditional meats or our fresh seafood selection.

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Choose from any of our main Neapolitan cuisine mixed with American creativity.


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Kids love our fun shaped pizza dough with their favorite toppings.

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Tiramisu - these lady fingers soaked in espresso will melt in your mouth.
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